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Yacht Charter in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Mallorca and Montenegro

Yacht charter in Croatia

Yacht Charter Croatia

We offer yachts in Croatia in all major marinas of this beautiful country. In the north of Croatia we offer yachts from Pula from such companies as InterMares Yachtcharter Pitter, Way Point or Euromarine. Yachts can also be chartered from Rovinj near Pula. In this region worth visiting is the park Brijuni and the town of Pula, where you can find its beautiful Roman amphitheater. Southwards from the town of Pula starts the area of Zadar, which is a true charter valley. There are such ports as Marina Dalmacija Sukosan, marina Tankerkomerc or 2 ports of Biograd, marina Kornati and Sangulin. Park Vransko Jezero is one of the most spectacular lakes in this area. In this part of Croatia you can take yachts from such shipowners as Adriatic Charter, Navigo Yacht Charter, Euronautic or Angelina Yachtcharter. Sukosan is one of the largest marinas in Croatia designed for both monohulls, catamarans and motor boats. All of these can be hired on our website Velmundi.com. Near Zadar there is an island of Ugljan, where Meridijan has its own fleet of yachts. A little more difficult access to the port is rewarded by beautiful beaches and lush vegetation. When renting a boat there on the first day, we feel like we were right away on vacation. It is quite an important argument, because we all know how the first day of the charter looks like, in which the main activity is the checking the general condition of the chartered yacht. And we are TheYachtGuru in organizing sailing holidays! From Sukosan you can sail straight away to the Kornati islands. Kornati is a beautiful archipelago of islands, accessible only from the deck of the yacht, with beautiful coves, azure waters and stunning cliffs that from the perspective of the boat look really impressive! A wide range of charter yachts in Croatia can also be found more in the South. Here, because there is a marina Mandalina in Sibenik, where the largest offer charter is NCP Charter. They both hire catamarans, sailing yachts and motor boats. Some units have impressive size. In addition to the NCP in Sibenik also rents yachts Ecos Yachting, which have their own yachts. They offer cheap charter of economic lines, they also have an interesting offer newer boats like Bavaria 46 Cruiser or catamarans Lagoon. One of the most important regions for the yacht charter is of course the area of Split. It draws together sailors who on the one hand looking for ports near the airport and on the other the possibility of visiting typical Croatian villages. Renting a boat from Split, Trogir or Kasteli, we have the chance. That is why thinking " charter Croatia " in the first place that comes to mind this area. The short distances between ports, marinas good facilities, with a beautiful Croatian islands such as Hvar, Korcula and Bisevo, encourage charter in Split or in its immediate vicinity, if you charter yacht from Biograd you can visit Vransko Jezero, too. Offer charters are here Orvas Yachting Company, the previously mentioned Ecos and Pitter, and Nautika Kufner. You can rent yachts produced by all the major manufacturers of yachts. The yachts we offer the type of Bavaria, Sun Odyssey, Oceanis, Hanse, Dufour or type catamarans Lagoon, Lavezzi or Nautitech. An interesting offer of the latter can be found in the company Adria Coral Charter. Yacht charter in Croatia has a long tradition also in Dubrovnik, the most southerly located charter base. This is the famous Marina ACI Dubrovnik. Yachts from the company Euromarine or WayPoint can sail up to the near Montenegro, unless of course the boat is authorized to fly in international waters. Renting a yacht in Croatia, it is worth remembering that the yacht charter price depends largely on the deadline. Deciding to hire a yacht or catamaran in the high season have to reckon with the best prices and the most expensive is the month of August. Thinking about the charter should consider in June and September. Charter rates are lower, do not prevail then already so high heat and marinas piston is smaller than that in the peak season. Typically a better season winds blow. The difference between renting a yacht in Croatia in June and September is that in June, days are longer, and in September the water in the sea is warm throughout the season. Charter Prices also depend on when you decide to rent a yacht in Croatia. Feel free to use charters First Minute, and look for opportunities renting a yacht in Croatia at the last minute, ie. Last Minute. However, it is always worth comparing prices charters, depending on the base and limit. That's why we created an intuitive search charters, where you will find more than 2000 offers charter yachts in all the above mentioned ports. On our site you can easily compare the prices and also you can find an interesting offer for your dream boat rental in Croatia!


Chartering yacht Greece

Chartering yacht in Greece

In Greece, the you can charter a yacht in three main regions: from Athens, the Ionian Sea and in the region of the islands of Kos and Rhodes. Definitely a port where you can find the biggest choice of boats, are Athens. They are a great place to start because of the location, because this is where you can easily go on your cruise to the Cyclades, and also because of the proximity of a large international airport. Therefore, in most cases, the first association with Yacht Charter in Greece is synonymous with the charter was from Athens. Cyclades can circumnavigate already in two weeks and reached a yacht (or catamaran) up to Santorini, Amorgos and Milos. In Athens operate such companies as Kiriacoulis, Royaleagle Yachtcharter, MG Yachts and Yachting Anemos. This latest addition to the fleet of yachts in Athens also offers rental boats from nearby Lavrion. The advantage of this port is that it is closer to the islands of the Cyclades, and the distance from Athens to the port of Athens and the port of Lavrion is very similar. In Athens, we can charter a yacht both small around 30-32 feet, and a very large, around 55-60 feet, which easily can swim 10-12 people. In Greece, it is also attractive catamaran rental, they offer a lower heel, which is crucial when operating a yacht in the period July-August. Then Greece can blow pretty strong Meltemi winds, formed in the Cyclades waves, and just hanging on the catamaran is more reduced than in the single-hull boats. Of course, in Velmundi present both marine yacht charters and sailing catamarans. Season in Greece is long and good weather persists until the end of October, so for those who want to bypass the windy period in the Cyclades offer just months other than July and August. Prices charter yachts in Greece are then lower the heat less, so shipping is pleasant. For sailors who have a holiday must yacht hire in July or August we Ionian Sea. There are here two main ports charter Corfu and Lefkas (Lefkada). The winds in July and August in the Ionian Sea are very quiet and safe shipping. Hence, often in the season to decide here on the yacht charter families with children. We are the YachtGuru in making your holiday an unique experience. Island of Corfu Gouvia marina has a good combination of airline, which is an important element in determining the port, which is rented yacht in Greece. In addition to the above-mentioned Shipowners Corfu also works Dolphin Yachts local company that offers inexpensive sailing is often due to the age of the yacht. Of course, it is possible with them also rent a sailboat or catamaran new. Swimming in the Ionian Sea, you can visit the famous Zakynthos, Fiskardo, Kalamos and Nidri. The third region, which might want to consider searching for yacht charter in Greece is a region of Kos and Rhodes. This two islands located near each other. Both in Rhodes Mandraki marina and on Kos, in the marina of the same name is a lot possible to rent boats. Larger selection of yachts on the island of Kos, while most flights to the island of Rhodes, so it is worth considering ferry ride from one island to another. Both islands are also here in the Meltemi winds, but for sure you can use them to sail towards the Turkish coast. In the case of the two-week charter yachts can even attempt to influence the area of Turkey and explore in this way both countries savoring the diversity of cultures, landscapes, cuisine and customs. Infrastructure sailing in Greece, apart from the main port, where boats are rented, such as Athens, Lavrion, Corfu, Rhodes or Kos, is more modest than in Croatia. Boat we rented, we become more in local urban ports, which is increasingly being separated a few places for yachts, with assured access to electricity and drinking water. Quite popular in Greece is also becoming anchored in the bays, so charter a yacht in Greece should also take into account the convenience of staying on a yacht during stops at anchor. In Greece, there is one model contract for yacht charter, approved by law and no one has the possibility to create their charter contracts. This gives a large security customers, as in the case of disputes does not turn suddenly, that the provisions in the charter agreement puts the customer in an unfavorable situation for him. However, it is worth renting yachts with large charter agents such which is like Velmundi. You will then ensure that the sailing will take place and that the proposed yacht will be from a reliable company that provides rental services of yachts in Greece. More information Department: Yacht charter Greece .


Boat rent Italy

Boat rent in Italy

Offer yacht charter in Italy is very broad. This is primarily a large number of ports and bases charter. The main areas where sailors are renting yachts are: Liguria, Elba and Tuscany, Sardinia, near Rome, Sicily. The largest basin charter companies with the largest number of yachts around the coast of the island of Elba. There are ports such as Castiglioncello, Etrusca, Scarlino - Follonica, Piombino, Portoferaio, Punta Ala, or Salivoli. In all there are companies renting yachts, in any company is several to tens of yachts for rent. Demand for these yachts is big, after all, Italy attracts sailors because of its cuisine, culture, monuments and magnificent scenery of the seaside country. In the area of Elba charter companies are 39 Charter, Aladar sail, Gruppo Nautico Italiano or 43 Parallelo. Not far west is Sardinia, which its attractions, such as park la Maddalena and Corsica proximity attracts many sailors. Hiring a boat can sail around both Sardinia and sail north to the French island. The main Charter Operator landlord yachts in Sardinia North Sardinia is the Sails, which is the port Portisco very wide range of charters - all boats along with the availability of discount and of course you will find on our site Velmundi. Both in the area of Elba, Sardinia and Sicily their yachts hires firm Kiriacoulis. They shared a fleet of yachts economic class than 5 years, yachts standards that are 3-5 years old and yachts Prestige, whose charter is the most expensive, but the customer is guaranteed a boat no older than two years. Offer her he has both the Sicilian port of Marsala on the west of the island and from the island's capital Palermo. Sicily is an island full of attractions: the ancient monuments still active volcano Mount Etna and the nearby Aeolian Islands attracts customers from all over Europe. Prices charter yachts here also very dependent on whether the yacht rent in high season or charter yacht falls in May, June, or September and October, when prices are significantly lower. For the Palermo is a lot of air, so that from the deck of an aircraft can be almost come aboard the yacht. And here it is only a piece of a great inland on the island of Salina. In Sicily we can rent yachts such as Velasud Shipowners, Sailor 's Center, Starsail cooperating with the company Sunsail or Spartivento. Yacht charter in Sicily is also possible from the port of Trapani on the western coast of the island. We offer charter companies find such as the flagship yachts Bavaria 55 Cruiser, Sun Odyssey 54 DS, Oceanis 54 or Dufour 525 In Italy, you can also hire catamarans, with the largest ones will Lagoon 450 and Lagoon 500, Nautitech 47, Catana 52 All these yachts you will find described in our section Yacht Charter to, and their offers are in our search engine. The big advantage of renting yachts in Italy is the weather. Here you do not scare the season Meltemi winds, and the winds are rather mild throughout the season. Of course, be careful of Mistral winds or Sirocco, but this type of anomalies occur in each area. However, a person chartering yachts define Italy as one of the friendliest areas for boaters in Europe. Further areas, some less common ones are already around Genoa, where ports can be found in most of the yachts that have their private owner. Yachts in Italy can also rent from the area of Venice, but there are more and more popular boats that can be rented from the company Le Boat or Locaboat and they swim in the famous lagoon of Venice. Some sailors are renting yachts in Slovenia from the port of Portoroz and hence the flow rented boat to Venice for 1-2 nights. It seems to be an optimal solution. Possible rent a yacht in Italy is also in the area of Rome, a perfect combination tickets to Rome from virtually every capital in Europe increases the attractiveness of the region. In particular, the distance from Rome to the port of Porto di Roma is smaller than Rome itself, and is only 4 km! In conclusion, yacht charter in Italy is a great idea for a family vacation where you can and sail, and eat a good Italian eatery. During the day you can admire the local scenery, and in the evening watch the spectacular sunsets. Looking at the number of charters in the region, we can see that well knows the truth most of the sailors in Europe!


Yacht rental in Mallorca

Yacht's rental Mallorca

Balearic Islands are an archipelago of 5 islands, of which 3 of them are the biggest and the most famous is. It Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza. The attractiveness of the region meant that they have become a major reservoir for sailors with a very large very charter. A wide range of charter yachts in the Balearic Islands is primarily Palma de Mallorca, one of the largest, if not the largest marina for sailing yachts and catamarans in this part of Europe. Due to the very good communication with other air Palms capitals in Europe is mainly she comes to your mind when you are planning to charter in the Balearic Islands. Sailing rents there are many Spanish companies, such as the Alboran Charter, LATITUD Cero, CM Charter Mallorca, crues or ECC Yachtcharter. The enormity of masts protruding marinas Palms is also reflected in the fact that many private owners holding there their yachts for the annual holiday. Renting a yacht in Majorca (Mallorca called ), we have a chance to visit virtually the whole of the Balearic Islands. To do this we need three weeks, but during the week charter, we can see even four islands, namely Mallorca, Cabrera, Ibiza and Formentera. Wonderful beaches of Formentera, cliffs west Majorca and charm of Ibiza's nightlife is long in the memory of chartering yachts there. From Mallorca to Ibiza can be done overnight and morning flight to affect one of the local ports. Ibiza feel a touch of luxury, most yachts there is standing for motor yachts, large sailing yachts can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Prices port for yachts and catamarans are among the highest in Europe. But Ibiza is the place for which it is worth while for 1 night stay in the island's capital. Ibiza boats we rent with Rumbo Norte. However, the weaker the connection flights from Ibiza causes most people, however, decide to charter a yacht in Majorca. More about this in the section: Yacht charter Balearic Islands. The weather in the Balearic Islands in the season is a dream vacation on a yacht. The dog days are ameliorated by local winds and morning breeze. The winds are not strong, but you must remember that the sea in this region can rock, they are after all the islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and uncovered by the waves. However, most of the time is a nice family sailing. Prices yacht charter change depending on the time charter. Quite favorably with the falls in June, when we are just before the supreme charter season, but the prices are still relatively affordable. In Mallorca you can charter yachts, both these small dwukabinowe as larger, 4 and 5 - cabin. On site there is also a wide range of charter catamarans, even such entities as the Lagoon 500 For fans of motor boats is also a nice variety, from family units, tourist after sports motor boats, so that from Mallorca to Ibiza we can swim in two hours. Persons chartering a yacht for the first time from Palma Mallorca are often surprised by the enormity of monuments, which offers old Palma. Majorca is often associated with beaches can only surprise here. Over Palma de Mallorca reigns beautiful cathedral, whose tour we leave yourself a day before the charter yacht. Historic Old Town we visit the day after the cruise. For families with children as the main point of the weekly cruise offer Formentera with its magnificent bay, where you can stand in a rented yacht or catamaran and dinghy drain on the sandy beach that surrounds the entire bay. After a long inland children and adults can relax on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches are only available for boaters because of its location. Thus, the Balearic worth renting yachts are a great island, affordable, on which yacht charter will surely be the beginning of a great sailing adventure. Rental of yachts in Mallorca and Ibiza will find on our portal Velmundi.com. Just enter the search criteria of the yacht, and after their establishment will see the vast majority of boats that can be rented on the island of Majorca, along with their specific availability and current prices for charter .


Charter of a yacht Turkey

Charter of yachts in Turkey

Taste of the Orient, rent a yacht in Turkey! In these words is the essence of yacht charter in Turkey. On the doorstep we have the opportunity to meet a truly oriental culture, cuisine and sights offered by Turkey. Turkey has a very good connection from the majority of European capitals, making it much easier to stay in Turkey and same charter yacht. Yachts are rented in 3 centers, Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek / Fethyie. The largest base is Bodrum, hence most of the charter starts. Renting a yacht in Turkey can also sail to the Greek islands of Kos and around Rhodes, you only need to complete the formalities connected with the crossing of the border. In Bodrum shipowners charter service providers are Phoenix Aura Yachting Yachting and Kiriacoulis. Sailing the other companies can also hire in Marmaris, Marmaris but her yacht charterer also Navigare Yachting and Yacht Charter Yelkeni. Offered yacht models are the same that we can meet the waters of the Mediterranean, ie Bavaria, Sun Odyssey, Oceanis, Dufour and Hanse. There are also catamarans, although they offer is not as rich as in other areas of the Mediterranean, where they rented yachts. However, you can rent a Lagoon catamarans here and Nautitech. Turkey is located to the south of Croatia or Italy, hence the temperatures here are higher, which is particularly positive significance in times like May and October, during which the market charter yachts in other waters is low, while in Turkey are then optimal temperature for swimming and charter yachts. Please note that in Turkey during the period July - August can Meltemi winds blow, which are strong and cause a large surge basin. Therefore, you will want to either swim on catamarans, or along the coast (shielded ). The Turks are very hospitable, especially for sailors, because in many places it is the sailors are an important driving force for the local economy, and companies chartering yachts often have many local families. In the same ports after the charter can make yourself interesting trips to Istanbul or Pamukale. Yacht charter in Turkey would highly recommend, it might provide an incredible adventure in the waters, which are not yet so much frequented by sailors, and in many places you can feel like a discoverer of being alone in the bay. If you have any questions about yacht charter in Turkey willing to answer and advise. In Velmundi you will find many offers rental of yachts in Turkey, the above-mentioned companies. More reservoir description and information about Turkey, see the Department Yacht Charter Turkey .


Charters yacht in Montenegro

Charter yacht Montenegro

To all who are looking for a new body of water, and swam longer in Croatia, we recommend yacht charter in Montenegro. Montenegro is a small country located in the south of Croatia that its doors to the charterers opened a few years ago. Sailors have the opportunity to learn a whole new body of water, yet still frequented by a small number of tourists. Although Montenegro can be reached by renting a yacht in Dubrovnik, but the distance, border fees and limited service for yachts in Croatia means that all those who are thinking about visiting Montenegro recommend renting a yacht charter directly in Montenegro. It was established there several charter companies, which already offer can be found at Velmundi. Yachts are rented from ports such as Kotor, Bar, Tivat. Yachts of Kotor you can rent from the Owner Montenegro Yacht Charter, the Bar of the company Avel Yachting, from Tivat from Yacht Voyage and Montegro doo We offer these companies are mainly yachts and catamarans Sun Odyssey Lagoon. A very positive feature of Montenegrin companies is the high level of customer service, which rents a boat. These companies are new, they want to maintain every customer who opts for yacht charter in Montenegro and positive opinion. In this way, charter companies form their brand and reputation abroad. She Montenegro weather and winds are similar to those in Croatia. Due to the fact that it is located further south, however, it is warmer there than in Croatia, which is particularly advantageous in the low season months, the so-called charter. One of the most beautiful bays in Croatia is Kotorska bay, long like a Norwegian fjord. Flow of this bay is a great attraction and provides a memorable experience, and located at the end of Kotor is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Charter a yacht in Montenegro is safe, more and more boaters use the rent yachts in the region. Do not have reached us any information that sailors could go to feel threatened. On the contrary, all the landlord returned impressed with this place, local people and declare that they will be willing to use in the future of yacht charter services in Montenegro. Maybe worth a try?


Sailing yachts Caribbean

Sailing Yachts in Caribbean

Yacht charter in Europe at the end of November cease to be attractive mainly because of the weather. Then the season starts yacht charters in the Caribbean. Rent yachts from many locations in the Caribbean. If it is important for you easy and inexpensive trip, consider renting a yacht from Martinique, from the port of Le Marin. They fly there at least 3 large airlines and yachting marina is very large. Not surprisingly, on-site working a lot of charter companies, mostly French. Boats can be rented from the company there Corail Caraibes, Star Voyage Antilles or Dream Yacht Charter. These three companies are also offer yacht charter from Guadeloupe. Both locations are a great starting place for trips to the Grenadines, which are the essence of the Caribbean - azure bays, sandy beach with palm trees almost lying on the beaches. These are places like the island of Mayreau with the wonderful bay of Salt Whistle Bay or atoll Tobago Cays, available only from the deck of a yacht or catamaran, to the Petit Martinique, whose charm will be a lasting memory. Great vegetation, exotic cuisine and tiny islets available for rent yachts. And this is just the beginning Grenadines Caribbean. Another great region of the Caribbean is British Virgin Islands (British Virgin Islands), charter yacht also has a lot of advantages. Small distances between islands, sheltered from ocean waves, sandy beaches, coral reefs for diving available straight from the boat are just a few benefits of this wonderful region. Another interesting region of the Caribbean is the island of Cuba, where the yacht rental is located in the bay of Cienfuegos. There is a well-known Charter Operator Alboran Charter, which allows for a peaceful reputation yacht rental on this unique island. Due to the fact that most of the stops in the Caribbean is in the bays, most of the units are rented catamarans, they offer a lot of space in the living room and cockpit, making your stay at anchor is pleasant and comfortable. Our offer we have in all of these locations, yachts for charter are available from late November to late April, which is then when there is winter in Europe. Rent a yacht in the Caribbean is a real exotic adventure, which is remembered for many years. Ocean waves, constant trade winds that blow 5-6 B, the vastness of the ocean create an amazing atmosphere, which is part of the whole trip. We work in the Caribbean only with reliable shipping companies who operate in this region for many years, they know the local market and their yachts. This allows our guests have a guarantee that they will have a peaceful holiday in this exotic region. Definitely worth Caribbean to visit at least once in your life, but remember, they have the magic power that makes this region will be returned many times!


Renting boat in Canaries

Renting a boat Canaries

Canary Islands / Canary Islands are located west of Africa. Thanks to its location the temperature throughout the year is at the level of 23-24 degrees, and the temperature is perfect for human functioning. They are not terrible heat, but gentle warmth that allows you to comfortably spend the holidays, and this throughout the year. In the Canary Islands yacht charters offer of 3 islands: Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. In Tenerife we work in terms of charter yachts with companies such as Alboran Charter or ECC Yachtcharter, while in Gran Canaria his fleet of yachts is the company Canarias Charters, on Lanzarote company Cruceros Canarios. The Canary Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean are the trade winds, constant winds, so that the movement of the yacht is quick and easy. For those who have not responded rocking the boat, we catamarans, sailing through the swell is smaller. The Canary Islands are a very popular region for boat trips on Christmas and New Year's Eve. Many people appreciate the opportunity to spend New Year's Eve in a short T-shirt and a beautiful green scenery. The Canary Islands are also great beaches and beautiful volcanic mountains, on which the stationary boat can climb, treating it as an interesting alternative to swimming for 1 day. Canary Islands is also known for its lush vegetation, which has a chance to grow thanks to the mild, the warm and constant climate. A huge advantage for charterers yachts in the region is the ticket. From Europe you can fly to the Canary Islands in a few hours and for relatively little money, so they are an attractive alternative in the winter for exotic Caribbean or the Seychelles, where flights often lasts up to 10 hours and cost several times more than those Canary Islands. Hence the offer of yachts in the Canaries is large, and is growing from year to year. Many Shipowners operates in the summer their yachts in the Balearic Islands, and the winter season passes them to the Canary Islands, making boats are still in use, and they themselves can not propose to lower charter rates. And our customers benefit from this!


Boat charter Seychelles

Boats charter in Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. It is designed not for tourists in hotels, but just the sailors. The possibility of renting a yacht and sail around the spot the 3 largest islands in the Seychelles is the most beautiful sailing adventure you can imagine. Everywhere in the Seychelles are sandy, snow-white beaches, azure bay, and it distinguishes them from other regions, is an incredible beautiful vegetation and friendly people, creoles. Yacht rent both from the island of Mahe from companies such as VPM Bestsail or Crouesty Location (Marine Cat Sey ). Yacht stationed in the marina Eden Island, located near the international airport. Yacht charter is also the Owner Dream Yacht Charter, which all his dock is on the island of Praslin. Charter boats from Praslin have the advantage that they begin their voyage in the heart of paradise. The disadvantage is the cost of travel by ferry to the island from the airport on Mahe. Seychelles charter both yachts such as Harmony Harmony 47 and 52, as well as catamarans, the Lagoon after Lavezzi and Catana. So offer yacht charter in the Seychelles is broad and is plenty to choose from. Very helpful and accommodating are also residents willing to talk with tourists, show them your life. Rarely do they ask for it for the money, what happens in other regions of the world. Their life is slowly but surely as you live in paradise, you can not hurry. Chartered a yacht to sail around the island offer Praslin, La Digue and Mahe for flights weekly or 10 -day circumnavigation can opt out of Mahe. These 2 first offer the greatest attractions of the island, which is famous for the Seychelles. It is also worth to dive on Coco Island, ride bikes on the island of La Digue, or visit the nature park on the island of Praslin. Seychelles rent yachts all year, since the year there are very good conditions for sailing. The winds are constant and gentle 4-5 B. This is an area that is not haunted by the hurricanes, and the only time the local storms, which are more a tourist attraction than a hindrance to vacation. Let us remember that there are constant temperature of 32-35 degrees, the water temperature is not much lower! We highly recommend yacht charters in the Seychelles, Mahe and Praslin with. Convenient flights to the island of Mahe are from European airports such as Paris or London .


Charter CatamaranCatamaran Charter

In this website you will find a lot Velmundi offers charter catamarans. We catamarans virtually all waters in most ports. We offer charter catamarans in Croatia, renting catamarans in Greece, Italy, Turkey, the Caribbean and the Seychelles. They represent an interesting alternative for monohulls, so gaining a growing fan base. Offer plenty of space to life in the living room and in the cockpit, the place is definitely more than a monohull yachts. This feature particularly appreciated by families with children who are renting yachts on vacation and want to make these holidays were also successful children. Catamarans due to a larger space well fulfill this role. Customers also chartered the catamaran because of their shallow draft, so you can swim them closer to shore in the bays. After a brief training, they can be also easier to maneuver in the harbor due to the availability of two engines, one in each cantilever. Many people appreciate the fact that catamarans less swings than single-hull boats. In Croatia, an interesting offer charter catamarans can be found in Split, here we have a great selection and smaller and larger catamarans such as the Lagoon 440 or Nautitech 44 or 47 Many units are also in port Sukosan, as well as in Sibenik, where we offer economical line of Lagoon 380 catamaran type or Lavezzi 40 years older. In Greece, most catamarans can be found in Athens, from tiny Athena 38, after a very large Lagoon 500 and Lagoon 560, which are rented with skipper. The offer catamaran charters in the Caribbean and the Seychelles offer superior monohull. Renting a boat in those regions, in principle, should be sought from individuals mainly catamarans. Catamarans are usually due to their size and a certain prestige, a little more expensive yachts in the charter per week. Also, stop them in the ports is more expensive, because the catamaran usually takes 1.5 times more space than a traditional yacht harbor. Despite these two minor flaws, our customers like catamarans and they've probably found its stable place in most of today's offer Shipowners. We 're happy, because it ensures that our customers have a choice. This selection can make through Velmundi, where we compare prices, the number of seats for both yachts and catamarans .

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