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Video guides for sailors

10 tips for skippers sailing in Croatia 

Hints for skippers sailing in Croatia. Tips for those that charter yachts in Croatia and want to sail safety. TIP 1: Do not sail during the Bora wind, its blasts can be up to 10B. TIP 2: VHF License is obligatory to sail in Croatia, make sure you have it. TIP 3: Consider insuring the deposit, so that you don't risk loosing it in full. TIP 4: Red is on the left and green is on the right when entering marina. TIP 5: Majority of sailboats cannot sail under Zdrelac bridge. TIP 6: You can check weather forecast on: meteohr. TIP 7: On each yacht you have Internet WiFi (standard or paid). TIP 8: you can snorkel around the yacht without any limits... TIP 9: ...but you must buy permission for diving in Croatian waters (15 EUR). TIP 10: Plotter GPS in cockpit will ease your navigation in narrow spaces.

Sailing Inspirations: the Cyclades 

Where to sail next time? Watch our Sailing Inspiration about Cyclades (Greece), where in 2-week cruise you can visit: Santorini, Mykonos, Delos, Kleftiko, Amorgos, Milos. Enjoy stunning views and uncrowded anchorages. Remember: In July and August in the Cyclades can blow strong wind - Meltemi. Meltemi blows up to 8B, lasts up to 7 days and is for experienced sailors only. In case of MELTEMI hide in marina. Marinas in the Cyclades aren't very expensive. Then go to the nearest restaurant and enjoy Greek salad or other local food! Athens: main starting point - has great flight connections with the whole Europe. You can start cruise also from Lavrion port, which is closer to Cyclades. Lavrion is just as far away from Athenian Airport as marina in Athens.

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