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Es Vedra


Es Vedra is one of the most mysterious islands of the Balearic archipelago. Rocky, uninhabited, with an amazing shape and properties - for centuries it has been controversial and has been the source of many legends.

Es Vedra is a small islet or actually a large rock in the water locatedy south-west from Ibiza and a few kilometers away from it. There are several legends and myths associated with it: It is said to be the island of the sirens and sea-nymphs who tried to lure Odysseus. It is also a unique place that according to Nostradamus will not be flooded by water during a flood that will drown the whole Earth. It is also a place where very strange magnetic anomalies occur and you can check it by sailing closer to the isle. According to the researchers, this is due to the high iron content. It is claimed to be the third place on Earth that emits such a strong magnetic field. Many people also state that they have seen UFOs hovering above this island. The latter is relatively easy to explain rationally - during the sunset observed from Ibiza the rays of the sun shine through the rock creating a glow around the sun resembling a disc. Reputedly, it is also the place of the Phoenician lunar goddess Tanit, who became Ibiza’s patroness.

The island can be seen from Ibiza - we recommend two places: you can moor in the Mirador des Savinar bay and follow the mountain path towards the former watchtower Torre de Pirata and watch the spectacle of the sunset in the background of Es Vedra. The second option is to stop at the Cala d'Hort beach to observe the rock at the sunset from there.