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Sa Calobra


Sa Calobra is a deep bay lying at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. The bay itself is fascinating but it is even more exciting is to go hiking through the 8 km long Torrent de Pareis gorge. If you have a longer stop you can go to the nearby Monasteri de Lluc sanctuary, the spiritual center of Mallorca.

Bay of Sa Calobra and a small settlement are located among the steep rocks protruding from the sea overgrown with lush vegetation. You can anchor in the bay. Because of azure water colour bathing in it is a nice experience. The bay was created as a confluence of the rivers Torrent de Pareis (the Twins River).


Both bay (with the beach), as well as the gorge are breathtaking.

The Serra de Tramuntana range with the highest peak Puig Major (1448 m above sea level) is an extension of the Andalusian mountains from the Iberian peninsula. A characteristic feature of this mountain range are steep cliffs descending straight into the sea and deep bays. A great experience is sailing along the cliffs and anchoring in the coves.

However the biggest attraction of the bay is definitely the 8 km long Torrent de Pareis gorge with magnificent cliffs and views. Please be careful though when hiking there especially persons without experience in walking in the mountains. From June to the end of September it is usually dry and allows you to reach the way of Mallorca where the famous restaurant Restaurant d'Escorca is located. It takes about 6 hours to go through the gorge.

From there you can get to the Sanctuary Monasteri de Lluc which was created after the statue of Black Madonna (La Moreneta) was found in this place. At first in the 13th century a chapel was erected which in time grew into a large Sanctuary. You can visit there a Renaissance temple built in the 17th century, a beautiful schoolyard, a figure of the Black Madonna of La Moreneta and a statue of the prince Rossello. The place is worth a visit.