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Balearic Islands are an exceptionally beautiful place to visit on a yacht. They offer fantastic monuments, such as the cathedral in Palma de Mallorca and the fortress in Eivissa, the wonders of nature such as Es Vedra, Cabrera Landscape Park or Sa Calobra Gorge and, of course, long snow-white beaches and azure bays such as on Espalmador. The 2-3 B winds in the season, no rainfall in the summer and constant temperatures of 30 degrees guarantee a perfect sailing vacation experience.

Top Must-See at the Balearic Islands:
• La Seu cathedral in Palma de Mallorca, completed in the 16th century, dominating the city, which looks just as beautiful from the outside during the day and at night as well as from the inside.
• Cabrera Archipelago National Park with huge number of species of protected animals, an amazing bay where you can anchor a yacht, snorkle in azure water with hundreds of different fish. You can also go hiking on beautiful trails going through the island.
• Sa Calobra bay located at the foot of the 8 kilometer long gorge Torrent de Pareis.
• The Es Vedra rock, on which in Greek mythology sirens tried to lure Odysseus from his ship with their singing.
• the beautiful sandy beaches on Espalmador, where, apart from sailors, no tourists can reach.
• Nightlife in Ibiza, the most famous party city in Europe with discos, clubs and the entire infrastructure of nightlife.

Detailed descriptions of these and other interesting places on the Balearic Islands can be found by clicking on the selected place on the map.